female2“FutureBuck is an amazing program, I
am so happy I took the course. It taught me a lot of
financial terms that I did not know before and has helped me
create a budget that I can stick to.” 
– Kelsey Recent college graduate


male3“Your course was extremely helpful for me. I didn’t know
much about credit cards, but learned the right ways to use a
credit card and how to avoid debt. Since I’m a college
student, I need to know these things, but had never learned
before.” – Michelle College student


female3“Because I use the Internet a lot to pay bills and check my
bank accounts, identity theft was always in the back of my
mind but I did not know how to protect myself against it.
FutureBuck taught me how to avoid identity theft and showed
me what to do if I became a victim of it. The course was
interesting, and I loved that I could take it at my own
pace.” – Renata Graduate student


male2“FutureBuck was a great course. I really liked that it was
so short, but I still felt that I learned everything I
needed to know. I had never been taught these things before,
so it was great that I could learn it all in one place.” – Daniel College Student


male1“I had no idea how or where to start when I applied for
student loans. Your course taught me all about it. Great
program.” – Brian College student


male3“I really liked Futurebuck, because it was short and had a
quiz at the end of each lesson that helped me remember
everything I had learned.”Brittany College student


female3“My parents don’t have time to teach me about financial
things, but FutureBuck was a great way to learn. I loved
this program because it taught me things I felt like I
should have learned by now, but no one had ever taught me.
Every lesson had things I had never heard of, and it
definitely taught me a lot about financial education. Thanks
FutureBuck.” - Jennifer College student