futurebuckfnlFuturebuck™ is a comprehensive, web-based financial literacy course specifically designed for young adults, particularly those between the ages of 18-24. Whether teaching young adults about credit cards or the importance of saving for retirement at a young age, Futurebuck™ teaches in 10 modules the essentials of financial, credit and debt management through a series of fun, short, 10-15 minute interactive videos — all in less than three hours!

Each of the 10 video modules starts with a brief introduction followed by a series of short, segments that educate students about the major financial topics, including:

Credit Cards

minicreditThis module discusses how credit cards work, the pros and cons of having a credit card, and terms associated with credit card agreements.




minidebtThis module covers good debt vs. bad debt, basic debt management principles and what to do if debt becomes a problem.



Student Loans

miniloansThis module reviews FAFSA, government vs. private loans, and how to apply for these loans.



Budget/Money Management

minimgmtThis module summarizes creating a budget, knowing the difference between needs and wants and managing your checking account.



Credit Reports

minicredrepThis module covers how to read a credit report and what a credit score is.




minimortgThis module reviews what a mortgage is and how a mortgage works.




miniinsurThis module discusses auto insurance, health insurance and life insurance.




minitaxesThis module summarizes federal and state income tax, sales and use tax, property tax and capital gains tax.



Identity Theft

miniidThis module covers how to avoid identity theft and what to do if you are a victim of identity theft.




miniinvstThis module reviews the different investment choices, compound interest and return on investment.



Reinforcement Quiz/Benefits of Passing Quizzes

Each module is carefully designed to provide a unique way of learning about financial credit and debt management. At the end of each module, we offer a quiz to help reinforce the lessons in each module.

Upon receiving a score of 70% or better for each of the modules, the student receives a Certificate of Completion, acknowledging that he or she has completed our financial, credit and debt management program.

As an added feature to our product, when the student passes the quiz for each module, we will assist the student in sending the Certificate of Completion to the three major credit reporting agencies. In most instances, this certificate will become part of the student’s credit file and may be considered by potential credit grantors as the student applies for credit or loans.

Extensive Content Review

Our modules have been thoroughly reviewed by subject matter experts in the major financial, credit and debt management areas, including professionals such as business professors, lawyers, accountants/certified public accountants, financial advisors, teachers, financial writers, financial analysts and investment and insurance professionals.

Our program also has been reviewed against Financial Industry Regulatory authority FINRA standards and the National Financial Education Jump$tart financial literacy standards.

In addition, Futurebuck™ was designed with the help of young adults. We carefully screened each module and extensively tested the modules before groups of young adults. Through our focus group testing, we created modules, and consequently, a financial literacy course designed for young adults, by young adults.

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