Nicole’s in her senior year of high school and just turned 18. Now that she’s reached that milestone, she can start making some of her own decisions about the direction of her life. One of the things she’s trying to decide is what she’s going to do for the rest of her life. Should she go away to college, attend a local junior college or work for awhile and then go back to school? Not an easy decision, but one she knows she has to make.

If she decides to go to school, she must pay for it. Her parents are not in a position to contribute very much toward her education, so Nicole must learn about and deal with student loans, loans for living expenses and other financial issues she’s never had to be concerned about. Credit cards, insurance premiums and other daily expenses are other issues that she’ll need to address. On top of all this, Nicole, at her young age, doesn’t know much about financial, credit and debt matters, but now wished she did in light of what she was now going through.

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