About us

nicoleFinancial Education of America (FEA), LLC is a limited liability company formed by a Chicago-based financial writer and a successful local business owner. The company’s mission is to increase the financial literacy in young adults.

In these financial times, FEA seeks to help young adults learn the necessary skills that they’ll need and use for the rest of their lives. Whether it’s high schools, junior colleges, universities or small and large companies, FEA is committed to its mission and will take its message across the country, one student at a time.

FEA also created Futurebuck™, a web-based educational program that teaches young adults financial literacy, which helps them develop financial skills and lessons that they’ll carry for the rest of their lives.

Futurebuck™ writers, reviewers and advisors:
  • Bob Reotutar, lead financial writer, former tax analyst/editor, investment/retirement columnist 
  • Christine Seyfried, financial writer, formerly worked with U.S. Treasury Department and staff member of House Banking Committee, specialized in credit, debt and insurance issues
  • Maureen Cooke, contributing financial writer
  • Bob Cook, reviewer, Investment advisor/portfolio manager, former Vice President of Investment Banking, Northern Illinois Trust - http://dreamcapitaladvisors.com 
  • John Moynihan, reviewer, lawyer/accountant - http://www.cooneycorso.com
  • Robert Perkovick, advisor, business professor
  • Steve Trkulja, reviewer, CPA
  • Jennifer Miller, reviewer, credit card specialist
  • James Thompson, reviewer, commercial lender/insurance professional
  • Tanya Walter, reviewer, accountant
  • Tim Mickelson, advisor, commodities analyst
  • Elizabeth Hoff, reviewer, teacher

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