8 Tips for Traveling on a Budget

  1. Check out loyalty programs-Most hotels and airlines have loyalty programs. When you are planning your stay, research the different types, especially if you plan to travel often. These programs can save you a ton by giving you free miles or free night stays.
  1. Don’t limit yourself to hotels-There are some awesome places to stay when you travel, aside from hotels, which could save you a fortune. Airbnb, and couch surfing are two of the more popular sites that help you find great locations at discounted prices. Hostels are also an option, not only for traveling abroad, but in the U.S. Just be sure to check out the ones you are thinking of staying in to be sure they are safe and clean.
  1. Clear your computer of cookies, or use a new computer when booking hotels and flights- Companies can track how many times you have visited their website, or how often you search a destination. This can cause them to drive up prices on your computer, because they know you are going to book. By clearing the cookies, or using a different computer for research and booking, you can avoid these higher prices.
  1. Check out local, ”hole-in-the-wall” restaurants-Tourist trap restaurants are often over priced. Usually by walking one or two blocks over from main tourist attractions, you can find a much less expensive food option. The food is usually much more authentic as well!
  1. Check online for discounted tickets- If you’re going to check out a museum, check online before buying tickets to see if you can get a discount. Generally, door admissions are pretty pricey so looking online may reveal a better deal.
  1. Watch out for pick pockets, and don’t carry all of you cash around with you-This may seem like common sense, but I can’t tell you how many times I’ve almost been pick pocketed. Losing all of your money like this can be a major headache and can ruin the rest of your trip. Don’t bring all your cash out with you. Also keep your belongings (purses, cameras, etc…) close to you while traveling.
  1. Figure out local public transportation-Taking a taxi everywhere seriously adds up. Figuring out the bus and train system will save you a bundle. Research it before you leave, and have a map of the system handy to check routes. There are usually public transportation apps in every city to help you figure out routes from you iPhone or Android.
  1. Travel during the off season- You can get major discounts by traveling in the off-season. Research the peak tourist time for your destination and avoid it. The restaurants, museums, hotels, and flights will probably all be much cheaper. Plus, you can avoid crowds by doing this.